Want to learn more about JavaScript? Go Full Frontal!

Posted on 29th September 2009 — I’m sure you’re familiar with a bit of JavaScript now that you’ve subscribed to my screencasts and hacked and played around with jQuery. Earlier this year I decided that it was time there was a UK conference dedicated to learning JavaScript, and I called it Full Frontal.

The conference is a one day event talking about and teaching JavaScript. The event is hosted in Brighton, UK in the World’s first purpose built cinema: The Duke of York’s.

I specifically wanted to provide a conference that was affordable, which is why the early bird tickets are set initially at £100 – but that’s just for this week only! There’s also the opportunity to win a ticket (or receive a reimbursement if you win). I’ll be announcing specific (smaller) details via the Twitter account.

The conference is called Full Frontal (because I wanted some essence of front end developer in the name somewhere), and all the details are available at

The line up is pretty awesome, both for the subject matter each speaker will be talking about, but also the teacher we’ve got lined up. We’ve got the following:

  • Jake Archibald who worked on BBC’s Glow library talking about performance.
  • Todd Kloots, a YUI and accessibility advocate speaking about ARIA and JavaScript.
  • Peter-Paul Koch from the infinitely useful QuirksMode, on a subject to be confirmed.
  • Stuart Langridge talking about advanced JavaScript and advanced browser features.
  • Robert Nyman talking about taking JavaScript outside the traditional environment and building Firefox plugins.
  • Simon Willison talking about JavaScript mashups with APIs and JSONP.
  • Last but not least, Christian Heilmann on a subject to be confirmed.

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about JavaScript and really see what can be done, then this is for you!

Oh, and next jQuery for Designers article will be taking lead from the last article and creating locked column headings in tables (due end of next week if all goes to plan!). generic cialis