Return to normal scheduling

Posted on 2nd June 2009 — It has to be said that it’s been a little quiet around the jQuery for Designers web site for the last month. That’s not because I’ve wanted to neglect you, but because I’ve been away during May on holidays and work (travelling around Peru with my wife and Sweden for the SWDC2009 and again for Geek Meet).

As such, I wanted to say that jQuery for Designers will be returning to normal scheduling very soon (i.e. next week).

I did have a screencast prepared for the end of April on the topic of queue and dequeue – but in a last minute I decided to double check some of information I was talking about and found it to be wrong – so I canned it. I don’t want to be promoting incorrect information, so hopefully you understand.

Hopefully you’ve also noticed the fancy-pants new design that Chris Mahon designed. If not, check out the homepage.

There’s a few more changes I want to add which I’ll be adding in the coming months: link to all articles (popular request), categories, an introduction video hidden on the homepage (by hidden I mean tucked away but can be slid down any time) and an upcoming queue of screencasts – hopefully with a voting system that you guys and gals can help give me an indication which are the most important to you.

I’m open to your feedback on the design and any criticism or questions.

The next screencasts I’ve got lined up are (in no particular order):

  • Featured: J4D carousal, mega drop downs, input prompts
  • API: queue/dequeue, .one
  • Play School: firebug + jQuery