What Remy does


It loves the lazy developer - lazy in the good way, I'd rather spend time on the interesting stuff rather than donkey DOM scripting.

Most of my jQuery stuff can be see on jQuery for Designers

Some extra stuff: Remy's bio


JavaScript doesn't required a compiler or anything special to write the code, back when you had a browser to run your code or you could download PSION or Palm's SDK over a 9k modem, you'll understand why I lost patience!

This is definitely my passion and has been since the mid 90s, and certainlys explains how I got in to jQuery.

I do lots of things with JavaScript, along with workshops, I do talks, run a conference and hacking twitter apps amongst other things.



It's new and shiny and it's so damn packed with JavaScript APIs I couldn't help myself.

I've also written a book called Introducing HTML5 with Bruce Lawson available in late July.


Articles, books, blog posts, first about jQuery, but eventually my topics grew - actually I'm probably doing more writing than I expected to do after I failed English at GCSE.

A few pictures

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